Gossip featuring Siana Catherine 
Friday, July 21 st, 10:00 pm till 2:00 am
Also with DJ Iimrran and VJ Philip Gordon.

For more details contact 98319 80070.


Siana Catherine born in 1993 is one of the youngest DJ’s gaining fame in the music world. She’s trained in special effects as a producer and has a wide skill set ranging from belly dancing to hip-hop freestyler to brand model. Growing up in a diverse and rich culture, she is Latin American and Anglo Indian, and has been dabbling in music since she was 9 years old.

Her genre bending sound transcends Trap and EDM clichés and intertwined with her distinct and crystalline vocals, her music is truly unique. 

She runs a podcast called Powermix, which broadcasts in 18 different countries. From being virtually unknown, she has catapulted to touring worldwide. With 15 India tours across 27 cities, and performances at Sunburn Campus, Vh1Supersonic 101, Playboy Club, Godfather Beer festival, FTV Crown, Havana Club and Gatecrashers under her belt, she’s spent a few sleepless years aiding her rise to the top. Her attention to detail combined with her dedication to music has made her a fixture in the EDM and Trap world.
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