Venky's presents Da High Cookout featuring RP Boo (Planet Mu) 
PuneHigh Spirits
Sunday, August 13 th, 1:30 pm till 4:30 pm
Also with Tarqeeb.

For more details contact 98603 59202.


RP Boo, known as ‘The Godfather of Footwork Music’ shyly thinks of himself as an inventor. 

RP started his journey of Footwork sounds as a DJ. He was recognized and DJ Boo when he began spinning his unique sounds on the Southside of Chicago (Englewood). During that time, his sounds woke up Englewood’s party heads and before long he was asked to dj three to four gigs a week. But it didn’t stop there…his sounds filtered throughout parties and into their homes. Instant followers requested personal music for themselves. He would record his tracks on 25 to 50 mix tapes and sell out. The party goers’ developed a particular dance-style to fit his beats. Although, no name was given to compliment the fast foot moves demonstrated on the floor. RP continued playing and the crowd adapted its fast dance style, soon birthing the name, Footwork. 

Fortunately decades later, on October 2014, RP Boo got his first Favorable opportunity to perform on stage for Unsound Festival. From there, his ‘leaving you stuck’ sounds routed for him to DJ in Midrad-Spain, Japan, London, and Denmark.
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