Slick presents Rampue (Berlin) 
PuneHigh Spirits
Sunday, April 23 rd, 9:00 pm till 11:30 pm
For more details contact 86000 63174.


"Oh, crass, is he making that sound now?" - this is pretty much the first reaction when someone hears Rampues "Sun, Park and Sterni" - a hit. And honestly, yes, Audiolith, Rampue, it was all different. The boy has gone through a lot because he has been looking for. And you do not have to ask him, you hear it, he has now found his style. Rampues Sound - so the first impression - has landed where he lives. This sounds like Berlin's sound in the cuddly summer of 2011. But if you listen again, when you dance to your Livesets, then exactly what you want on a dance floor happens: you have to close your eyes, a quiet stump And then you can either dance or listen to the ramp between soul vocals, the bassiest bass and the high-end high-cut as well. You could still call references to avoid a genre description, but quite honestly, Rampue is even more than Keta disco and disco house, which will continue to search. And you do not want to miss a step in this search.
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