Kaliedoscopic Records presents Mad Scientist (Portugal) 
Saturday, April 22 nd, 7:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact 9916925767.


MAD SCIENTIST is the project created by Miguel Angelo Rijo born in 1989, Madeira, Portugal.

The love for psychedelic music started around 2003 when for the first time in his life, he heard a psychedelic track. Something in that one awoke him to something beyond the natural.

He started exploring this new world, leading him to go to trance partys! His taste for the psychedelic scene started growing day by day, until 2008 when his hip-hop producer friend, shared a music production software with him! Heretofore, his enthusiasm and passion is still growing. Decided to start learning more about music production, he spent almost 4 years in his secret laboratory investing the time and soul on music production knowledge and development.

In 2012 he began to feel ready to give the first steps, and with some help he started playing at partys and sharing his music with the world!
He put a lot of him in his music, inspired by science, movies, cartoons, LSD, sci-fi, life, chemistry, space stuff, love, family, nature, future, organic, retro.

Mad Scientist music is a combination of elements and crazy ideias in a purpose to create a smile in your soul and energy in your body.
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