DimensionRED featuring Romeo Blanco 
DelhiTabulaBeach Cafe
Saturday, April 29 th, 8:00 pm till 1:00 am
Tickets available online.
For reservations contact 9650250099.


True to his name, Romeo Blanco has successfully seduced the industry with a delectable studio dialect of universal resonance. Nowadays he's well known as an all around music producer and mainstage artist of major festivals, like Tomorrowland, & clubs all around the globe. From Europe to South-America, North-America & Asia, he is turning up the love in every corner of the world.

Where the name ‘Romeo’ beckoned images of abstract adoration throughout history, the life and times of Romeo Blanco culminate from a genuine love of his craft and the dynamic verve to make an audible mark on Electronic Dance Music.
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