Studio 54 Nights Live featuring Best Kept Secret 
Friday, March 24 th, 10:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact 022 6651 1201.


ake a touch of Rock, a dash of Disco, a hint of Blues, a shout of Pop and a pinch of Electronica. Whisk them up real nice with four young lads who just want to make you sway, and you’ve got yourself Best Kept Secret!

We make you dance, we make you scream. We make you jump, we make you sing. 

You could be 16, or in your seventies. No worries there, we slide both ways. We’re crowd-hookers. 

We love the open air and electricity. We love you. Not as much as we love music. But, you’re not complaining. 

We like twisting stuff you’ve heard before and writing songs you haven’t. 
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