Kingfisher presents Electro Storm Goa - Club Night featuring DJs Miki Love and Ma Faiza 
GoaTao Bar & Lounge
Saturday, March 25 th, 9:00 pm till 4:00 am
Also with Macattack and Ross D.

Tickets available online.
For more details contact 90498 60411.


Miki Love is the most popular DJane of Romania. Starting her career back in 2007, Miki’s touring schedule has taken her to many of the world’s premier clubs and festivals, demonstrating her global reach as an artist at the peak of her powers. Sexy image, combined with great music and huge experience behind the desk transforms her into a complete artist and shared the same scene with names like September, ATB or SESA (Sharon Phillips – The singer of the hit “Like this, like that”), Steve Aoki, Dj Chetas, Deepside Deejays, Hugo Sanchez and many more.

Combined these international travels have seen her touch down in over 50 countries worldwide performing everywhere from Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

Despite the fact everyone knows Miki Love since 2009 after releasing her first single, “Black Pussy” (Black Cat), she started a huge success in Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Britain and France. The second single, “I Want to Be a DJ” is taking shape at the end of 2010 and public appreciation. 

A taste of the exotic, Ma Faiza was born in Africa and is of Indian origin. She grew up in London experiencing the beginning of Electronic Dance Music in the early 1990's, and embraced the club culture as her own. She has evolved into a global artist, a producer, a writer and one of India's most successful international DJ's. 

Ma Faiza has become an icon for the Indian Electronic music scene, and is one of the few artists from India playing at some of the biggest parties around the world.

Ma Faiza has always been fiercely passionate about Electronic Music, and with more than a dedicated decade under her belt devoted to the development of the Indian EDM scene, she continues to blur the lines by refusing to be limited by style or tempo. 

Her varied, feminine sound encompasses many different genres of EDM, from full-on melodic psy-trance, progressive daytime grooves, dirty electro, cool minimal to also ethnic, organic and harmonic global inspired beats and blissfully enticing chillout sets. 

No matter what the style, she plays fun, sexy, uplifting and positive EDM that just makes you smile and feel good.
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